A sustainable choice – Chrome free premium leather with olive leaf tanning.

There is a genuine innovation in tanning leather. Extracts with tanning effects are obtained from olive leaves. The use of these extracts simplifies the tanning procedure and allows a sustainable production of ecological leathers.

The tanning consists of renewable raw materials that are partly still disposed with energy expenditure. Consequently, the procedure does not compete with food production and in addition, the production areas have a lower burden.

In Europe, there are harvests of about 12 million tons of olives every year. The major part is used for production of olive oils and the natural leaves quantity is sufficient to tan up to 600 million square meters of leather.

Vitoria is manufactured only of European raw hides whose origin is certified. They have a long service life, beyond the throw-away culture of today. It has a soft and at the same time robust feeling and will age with character.